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Facebook Working On Android-Based Smartwatch With Messaging, Health Features

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The Facebook smartwatch is said to integrate messaging services and come with cellular connectivity.

Facebook is working on a smartwatch that can send users messages from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger services and provide health and fitness data, according to a report. It is rumored that the smartwatch may go on sale in the market next year, but Facebook has not yet shared any information about it. Facebook’s smartwatch will join its growing hardware ecosystems that include virtual reality headsets, video calling devices, and impending reality (AR) smart glasses. In September last year, Facebook shared plans for Ray-Ban branded glasses as part of Project Aria.

Facebook Working On Android-Based Smartwatch

According to a report from Facebook, Facebook is making an Android-based smartwatch. However, it is not clear whether the smartwatch will run on Google’s War and OS. Citing some knowledgeable people on Facebook, the report said that the smartwatch may go on sale next year. Facebook’s smartwatch (not the official name) seems to provide health and fitness features that are not uncommon for ordinary smartwatches. The funny thing, however, is that smartwatches can send messages to users using Facebook’s services (probably Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram). Facebook is also developing its own operating system that can apply its future wearable power.

Facebook Smartwatch
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The Facebook smartwatch will be part of the company’s hardware ecosystem, which currently includes the Oculus Virtual Reality Headset and a video calling device called Portal that will maintain portal TV, Portal, Portal +, and Portal Mini connectivity.

Facebook is also working on augmented reality glasses as part of the project area. In September 2020, the company announced plans for Ray-Ban branded eyewear that would enhance real-world perspectives through data or graphics from the Internet. The partnership will blend Facebook apps and technologies with Luxottica brands as well as Accelerator Lens technology to create smart eyewear.