You are currently viewing Extramovies, Free Latest HD Hollywood, Bollywood, Movies Download 720p, 1080p

Extramovies, Free Latest HD Hollywood, Bollywood, Movies Download 720p, 1080p

Extramovies is One The Best Website Where You Can Download Latest Hollywood Bollywood Tollywood Tamil Bengali Hindi movies for free. Extramovies Casa Also Allows User To Download Movies In Dual Language With multiple resolutions. If you want to visit the web site you need to go to the live URL which is probably currently This is a piracy website and visiting it can get you into trouble. [Live Links Are Given Below↓]

What Is Extramovies?

Extramovies is a torrent website which allow user to download free free movies and web series at multiple languages and multiple resolutions. This website was founded on the Internet five years ago and has continued to gain popularity ever since for its awesome movie collection. This website is famous all over the world and people from all over the world visit the site to download their favorite entertainment videos.

Extramovies Com Has Millions Of Monthly Users Worldwide. With each month’s new user coming, the old users continually visit the website. Extramovies is one of the top ten best free movie download websites. One of the reasons behind the extramovies are popular, this website has thousands of Bollywood Hollywood Movies and you can download a free download and deabit card details from you while downloading and downloading the user interface.

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What Are The Details Of Extramovies?

Extramovies is a piracy website from which you can download any latest movie for free in multiple languages ​​and multiple resolutions. This Website is constantly changing the Domain Extension because the government is constantly blocking this website for days. Since it is illegal to visit a piracy website and you may face legal penalties and fines for it.

It is not known which country the website belongs to, but it is likely that the website belongs to India or Bangladesh. You don’t know anything about the owner of this website. Since it is an illegal website, the owner has hidden his identity. We never advise you to visit the web site. The main language of this website is English and we can’t say anything about live links.

CategoryMovies & Web Series
New URLextramovies Casa
Main Domainextramovies com
Extramovies Logo

Why Extramovies Casa Is So Popular?

Undoubtedly, the extramovies casa is very popular among movie lovers. Well, there are many reason behind the scene. Below is some important information that this website is very famous for-

  • The website has been running on the internet for the last five years. For the last 5 years, this website has provided enough entertainment to the movie lovers.
  • Extramovies has a huge collection of thousands of new and old movies and web series of all kinds
  • You can download each movie in different resolutions and multiple languages.
  • The web server on which the movies are stored is very fast so you don’t have to face slow speed while downloading.
  • Whenever a new movie or web series is released in theaters, you will soon find it available for free download on this website.
  • Extramovies is a piracy website but you don’t need to use your VPN to visit it.
  • Whenever the government blocks this website, it immediately changes the domain extension on the website and returns it to the Internet.
  • The user interface of the Extramovies is very good. This website user interface is like a professional website.
  • These are just some of the reasons why the Extramovies website has become so popular on the Internet.

How Fast The Website Provides Latest Contents?

One of the reasons why the Extramovies is so popular on the internet is that it speeds up publishing the latest movies and web series. Whenever a movie is released in any theater worldwide, you will get to download its free version on this website within a few hours. Sometimes you can even get it for free download a few hours before the movie theater release. It is very rare that a few days after the release of the movie you get to download the movie for free On Extramovies.

In the case of web series, it’s a lot like that. Within hours of a web series being released on Amazon Prime or Netflix, the free file will be available For Downloading on the ExtraMovies website.

Currently on Extramovies you can get various premium TV shows for free download in addition to the latest Hollywood Bollywood movies and web series.

What Are The basic Categories Available On Extramovies Casa?

You will find all the categories of movies that have been released worldwide in a beautifully arranged way on Extramovies casa. It is convenient to download movies to keep the categories neatly arranged. Suppose You will download Hollywood movies from this website, in that case you can go directly to the category and select Hollywood Movies.

Or suppose you download a Bollywood movie. In the same way in that case you can go to the category and select the Bollywood movie. Once you select any category, all the latest movies in that category will come in front of you in a row. This website also has similar arrangements for web series. These are the categories in Extramovies-

  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Series
  • Hollywood English TV Shows
  • Indian TV Shows
  • Hindi TV & Web Series
  • Netflix Movies
  • Netflix Web Series
  • Amazon Prime Video Movies
  • Hollywood Dubbed Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
Extramovies Categories

What Are The Latest Movies Leaked By Extramovies?

Every moment Extramovies is leaking all kinds of latest or old Hollywood-Bollywood and Tollywood movies. If you want to download and watch your favourite movies for free, you may go to a piracy website. And if you can’t go there and download the movie, you can get it on this website. Below are some of the most popular Bollywood Tollywood movies of all time, which ExtraMovies uploaded for free download within hours of their release on their website.

  • Chal Mera Putta 2
  • Dharala Prabhu
  • Angrezi Medium
  • Baaghi 3
  • Draupadi
  • Forensic
  • Asura Guru 
  • Trance
  • Yedu Chepala Katha
  • Pattas
  • Ashwathama
  • Jaanu
  • Love Aaj Kal
  • Guilty
  • Oh My Kaduvule
  • Ala Vaikunthapuramuloo

How does Extramovies allow movies to be downloaded for free?

This website has a team. The team regularly steals movie and web series content from anywhere and releases it on their website, allowing users to download it for free And instead they make money by running third-party ads on Extramovies. Now The Questions Is How Do They Do It? Well, Here Is The Simple Answer, Let Me Explain,

The authority of this website is to go to the theatre to watch movies when a new movie is released. They have a special type of hidden camera and microphone, which records the movie from the movie screen through the hidden camera in Tarash and also records its sound through the microphone. They then edit the file and upload it to this website for free download.

Also, when a movie or web series is released on an OTT platform, they do not download the file in any way and then upload the downloaded file to their website for free download.

How soon does Extramovies release a new movie?

Within hours of a new movie being released, you’ll be able to download it on this website. This is an illegal website. They steal movies from theatres or any other platform through various criminal methods, upload them for free on their website and give them the option to download for free.

They do this very quickly. They do this so perfectly and quickly that sometimes the movie provides its download option within minutes of its release. They try all the time to figure out how they can let you download movies in a very short time. But between the two of them, sometimes they are a little late to upload movies. In the case of some movies, it can be up to a week, i.e. a week after a movie is released in theatres, it is uploaded to this website. But in most movies, it happens within minutes or hours.

How To Download Extramovies App?

This website has an Android application but the Apple application has not been released yet. The app is not available in the Google Play Store because we know that Google has always been against piracy. You need to manually download this application from the internet using any browser and install it on your Android phone. Once this app is installed on your phone, you can manually update it by going to Settings. This application is available for all Android versions. And over time, this app has updated itself a lot. Extramovis provides regular updates for this application. You can manually install these updates by going to Settings. Here are all the details about The Extramovies Casa Application.

App Details

App NameExtramovies
Apk File size5 MB
Requirement Android VersionAndroid 4.0 and above
Last UpdatedNovember

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How To Find Movies On Extramovies?

It is very easy to find out the latest movies on Extramovies. There are many ways you can search for movies on this website. Here is All The Way You Can Find Movies On This Website.

  1. all the latest Bollywood Hollywood and Tollywood movies have been arranged beautifully on the home page. If you want to download the latest movies then directly you can find it on the homepage.
  2. if you want to download the movie which is not available on the home page then there are many ways to search a movie on this website.
  3. You can find your favourite movies on this website by checking the latest categories. All the categories have been arranged beautifully. Suppose you want to download the latest Hollywood movies. Then go to the category section and select Hollywood movies there. After clicking on Hollywood movies all the latest Hollywood movies will be in front of you.
  4. there is one more way which you can use to find out your favourite movies. On the homepage, you will find a search bar on the top of the page. Simply click on the search bar and type there the movie name. Then click on Ok button and press enter. After pressing enter It will take a few second to find out the result.
Latest movie on Extramovies

What Are The Latest Categories On Extramovies?

Extramovies Is A Free Content Downloading Website. To Be A Movie Downloading Website, Extramovies Has Almost Each And Every category About Different Type Of Movies. This Website Provides Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Tamil, Bengal, Movies. That Is Why These Is All The Categories Available On Extramovies. Moreover, There Is Action, comedy romantic science fiction movies. Categories Help You To Find Out Your Favourite Movies From Any Website In A Short Time.

When You Visit The Extra Movies Website You Find All The Categories are arranged beautifully. Just Go There And Click On Your Favourite Category. After Clicking On Your Favourite Category You Will Find Thousands Of Movies Of That particular category.

How To Download Movies From Extramovies?

Millions Of Movie Lovers Across The World Visit Extramovies In regular basis For Downloading Movies. Some Time People Get Confuses About How To Download Movies From Extramovies? Now You Do Not Need To Worry About That. I Am Here To Tell You The Best Process To Download Content From This Website.

It Is Super Easy To Download Movies From Extramovies. If You Also Getting Confucius While Downloading Movies Then Kindly Follow My Instructions.

  1. First Of All You Need To Visit Extramovies. Although We Don’t Suggest You Visit Such A Piracy Website Like This.
  2. When You Are At The Home Page You See There Are Lots Of Latest Movies Available In The Home Page. Select Your Favourite Movie From A-List. You Can Also Search By Typing Movie Name On The Search Bar.
  3. After Click On The Movie, It Takes Some Time For Opening The Next Page. Once It Opens The Next Page There You Find Different Regulations Options.
  4. Click On The Resolution You Want To Download. Finally, The Downloading Is Started Now.
  5. Extramovies Uses Pop Ads. We Recommend You To Use Ads Blocker Extension.

Should You Visit The Extramovies?

No, as A Good citizen of your country You Should Not Visit Any Piracy Website Like This. Internet piracy is one of the biggest problems of the 21st century. Governments and public bodies in different countries are taking various steps to stop piracy. An Indian government agency is trying to eradicate Internet piracy. Billions of rupees are being lost by various companies just for piracy websites. Cinema institutes are currently on the verge of destruction for piracy websites.

Extramovies Is Also A Piracy Website. We Suggest You Not To Visit Any Piracy Website. At present, there are various laws to prevent piracy websites. You may face legal penalties and fines for visiting all websites.

Disclaimer- We Don’t Recommend You To Download Movies, Web Series, From Any Priority Website. This Post Was Only For Information Purposes And This Website (Tekweds.Com) Does Not Support Any Pirated Website.